Art of Cogs Part 1

Cogs interface elements circa 2004Since I always like it when other people do this, I thought I might write up a few posts about how Cogs got to look like it does today. We start our epic journey with a brief look at the pre-Brendanian era, or as Rob likes to call it "engineer art."

To the right you can see UI elements from some of the earliest cogs builds, circa 2004-05. To his credit, Rob is not such a bad artist and is fairly proficient when it comes to Photoshop. In fact all of the backgrounds you see in the game including the iris texture were done by the man himself, though I took over for the 3D portion which is pretty much everything else.

Below are some shots of a build called "Cogs0.1alpha." Worth noting is that even at this stage this build is fully playable, I fired it up just now to get these shots. Those who've played the game might note a few things that didn't make it into final release, something called Fragile Planet?

Cogs in 2005 Cogs in 2005 Cogs in 2005