Cogs: Now on Direct2Drive

Great news! We just added Direct2Drive as another distributor for Cogs. To make it easy to pick the download that's right for you, here's a summary of the differences.

Both Direct2Drive and Steam provide the same great game with the same 50 beautiful, mind-bending puzzles and three gameplay modes.

Steam requires you to download a client that needs to be running whenever you play Cogs. This takes a little more time to set up, but it guarantees that your copy of Cogs is always patched to the newest version. Steam also give you access to in-game achievements and a network of other players.

Direct2Drive has a DRM-free version of the game that's easy and quick to download and install. This may be the simplest option for casual players.

If you'd like the fastest way to try a demo of the game, you can play the first eight levels for free when you download the demo directly from us.

So pick the option that's right for you. And most of all, have fun!