New Screenshots

Perforce changelist

Our changelist submissions are getting more concise and to-do lists are getting way too short. If you've checked the forums you've probably noticed we've been beta testing for a little over 3 weeks (If you're a tester we're pushing out a big, dare I say near-final patch today. If you're a soon-to-be tester you'll be getting your key shortly after). There is excitement in the air here at Lazy8 (a.k.a. Rob's house) and not a little anxiety and nervousness as we get dangerously close to releasing our first game.

Meanwhile, Rob recently wrote some new shaders that took him about an hour and about doubled the gorgeous factor of all our materials, so I thought I'd go ahead and update all our screenshots to show them off and add a few new ones while I was at it. Enjoy.

Pipes and Gears - Use steam to power the gears Make the chimes ring in sequence Spinwheel - power the 4 gears to drive the wheel