Cogs Wins Indie Game Challenge!

It had already been an amazing year for Cogs with award nominations at IndieCade and the Independent Game Festival. But our weekend in Vegas for the Indie Game Challenge really took us by surprise. It was an honor just to be named as a finalist from the more than 250 games that entered. Winning three of the awards, including the grand prize in the professional category, left me, Brendan and Luke grinning ear-to-ear as we held up a six-foot-long check for $100,000.

The whole award show was broadcast on G4TV and you can watch the full event on their website. Adam Sessler did a brief interview with each of the 12 finalists, so there's a lot of great stuff to see. Our bit is in part 3 of the video series, starting at 17:00. If you're short on time, you can also watch the five-minute summary.

The Indie Game Challenge was colocated with the D.I.C.E. Summit. It's a relatively small event that caters to the top executives in the gaming industry, so it was an amazing experience (and a spectacular networking opportunity) to be able to attend. Aside from the award ceremony, the real highlight was getting to know the other indie teams that were nominated. All of the nominated games are fantastic and there are some talented young students who are off to an impressive start as game developers.

Adam Sessler of G4TV applauds as Rob, Brendan and Luke accept the
$100,000 grand prize at the Indie Game Challenge