Cogs Comes to Android!

We're happy to announce that Cogs is finally available on Android. For those of you have been keeping count, this is the ninth platform that we support: PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, netbook, PS3 Home, Android, and even cable television set-top boxes!

Not only is Cogs now on Android, but we're launching with the Humble Bundle! That means that you can name your own price, contribute to charity, and get other amazing Android games at the same time! It's a limited time promotion, so get to the Humble Bundle site soon! Once that promotion is over, you can get Cogs at the Google Play store for most Android devices.

For those of you who are wondering why it took so long: It's important for us to really treat every platform with the care that it deserves. Android encompasses a huge variety of hardware with different screen sizes, aspect ratios and hardware capabilities. To make Cogs look awesome on all of these diverse devices, we wrote a lot of new code to adapt the screen layout so that it looks great everywhere.

On devices smaller than 7-inches, we scale up the user interface and zoom in on the puzzles to make the game easy to see and play. For larger screens, we use a layout that's similar to the iPad version but spread out horizontally so that it's aesthetically pleasing with wide aspect ratios.

We also recompressed every single image and mesh using formats that will work with nearly every possible Android device. With simple data tricks like compressing our triangle meshes into strips and stringing together disconnected regions with degenerate triangles, we managed to get as much as a 25x performance improvement on some devices.

Of course, there will always be bugs, so if you find that Cogs isn't working properly with your particular piece of hardware, be sure to let me know by sending a description of the problem and a the hardware to

Happy puzzling, Android users!