The March of Progress

It's been a while since we last said anything about Lazy 8's next game, Extrasolar. You might think this means we stopped working on it but in actuality we've been working on Extrasolar almost exclusively since then.

The last couple weeks have been an exciting time for us. A mantra that has driven this game from the start is that we want to blur the line between what is fiction and what is real, and in order to do that we felt that the photos you take on Epsilon Eridani e really needed to look great, that they should push you to question if what you're partaking in is really a game. After months and months of improvements to our rendering system we finally feel that we are starting to get somewhere near that goal.

Something I've been doing in my playtesting the last couple days is re-visiting areas I took photos from months ago. Here is a shot from October last year (left) and nearly the same shot taken yesterday.

So, are we getting there? Hit the jump to see more.