Cogs: Now with Antialiasing and More LOLs

COGS main entry screen Challenge mode screen Level select screen

You asked for it, so we're giving it to you. Earlier today, we sent out a Steam patch that added antialiasing and in-game language selection to Cogs. As a bonus, we also threw in our brand spankin' new LOLspeak language pack, which our LOLcats followers will find hilarious and everyone else will simply find confusing.

Changes in this patch:

  • 2x and 4x antialiasing added to the options screen
  • In-game language selection on an expanded options screen
  • LOLspeak language pack
  • Fixed a shader bug on borderline hardware
  • Added a "NoShaders" cheat code for low-end hardware
  • Improved language support
  • Improved error logging to log.txt