Developer's Blog: Cogs Wrap Party

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Cogs Wrap Party last weekend. Of course, no Cogs party is complete without cog cupcakes.

We all had a good laugh when Brendan walked into the room sporting an enormous silver gear, hung around his neck with a heavy chain. Oh yes, this was a classy affair. Unfortunately, I have not photographic evidence of the bling gone awry.

Hopefully all of our beta testers in the Bay Area received an invitation. If I missed you, let me know and I'll remedy the situation when the Cogs T-shirts are printed.


That's very sweet guys, really :)
And very inspiring for a tiny steampunk wacko like me!

Don't you maybe want to make more of them and put them on sale? Ordering a pack of 10 or more could be great and, you know, in case you couldn't make it with games you will be left with the cookies (just look how well it worked in "Small Time Crooks") :)