Introducing Edge of Dimensionality, the latest from Lazy 8 Studios.

Lazy 8 Studios is thrilled to announce our new game project that will blow your mind: Edge of Dimensionality. We started with the tried-and-true gameplay mechanic of the text adventure and brought it into the 21st century with high-end rendering technology. Using our proprietary EdgeEffect Digital Enhancement System, we bring stunning lens flare and bloom to your Mac, PC, Amiga or Linux box to greatly enhance the player's experience.

So what's the game about? It doesn't matter. It's so amazing, you'll want to play it. Everyone is talking about it. Coming Edgetember 2010.

Art of Cogs Part 3

A little while ago I had the chance to hang out and have some drinks with the Wolfire guys, and at some point in the evening I had my sketchbook out for whatever reason and Aubrey asked to take a look through it. At first I was embarrassed - I consider Aubrey to be a far better artist than I am - but then remembered how much I like looking at other people's sketchbooks. It also made me think that you, dear reader, might like to see some of the other sketches that went into making Cogs what it eventually became. So here are some selected pages from the past year-and-a-half. See anything you recognize?

Free Cogs Screensaver (Preview)

COGS Screensaver

A while ago we were thinking of cool things we could do to help promote Cogs and Rob came up with the idea of making a screensaver using art from the game. A few weeks ago I had some time free so I started pulling things together to see what we could come up with. What started as a simple clock quickly escalated to become a clock that tells you the time, date, day of the week, phase of the moon...we figured why not, if it was gonna be on your screen a lot it might as well be something useful, right?

The final product ended up using more newly created art than original game art but oh well, we wanted it to look good. Rob just has to finish putting together some settings and then it'll be put up as a free download.

Cogs Puzzle Game Goes International

San Francisco, CA - Lazy 8 Studios announced today that they have teamed up with localization firm LocWorks to bring their flagship game Cogs to an international audience. Cogs is now available in English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Polish. All of these localized versions can be found at Steam or Direct 2 Drive, the two current online distributors for the PC puzzle game.

Cogs going mobile?

From the beginning of time, whenever we have showed Cogs to people, almost without fail the most common first response is "zomg, can I play this on my iPhone???"

Eventually if enough people say they want to play your game on a specific platform you have to admit there's a chance that it might actually be to your game's benefit to put it on said platform. We've hinted this may be the case in our twitter feed, but haven't confirmed it up until now. You're welcome, just be patient - Rob says it's going to take a while. ;)

Now stop asking already

Note: pic not actually real (yet).

Save $60 with the Best of Indie

Great news for indie game lovers! Direct2Drive included Cogs in the "Best of Indie" Bundle, which is available now through August 9 for $17.75. The game pack includes Cogs, Zeno Clash, Defense Grid, Democracy 2 and The Path. That saves you sixty bucks over buying all five games individually!

Get your copy while this deal lasts.

Cogs Postmortem: Tips for the Aspiring Game Developer

I don't claim to have the secret formula for bootstrapping a video game startup. I don't claim to have figured out the best practices or know all the right answers. But I have managed to start a company with my own modest savings and bring a new PC game to market. In its first few months, Cogs has managed to sell well enough to keep my little company afloat. Along the way, I've picked up a lot of valuable lessons. To help out the next aspiring indie developer, I've compiled a list of what I've learned, what went right and what went wrong – presented here in no particular order.