Modding / Custom Content Documentation Finished!

We've been talking from the get-go about the fact that we left Cogs totally open for user created content. In fact all the dev tools we have shipped with the game, mostly built right into the executable. The only thing we had left to do was, you know, explain how the hell you use them.

Well that was fixed yesterday morning when Rob finally had a chance to finish up the documentation. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading through it and making sure that even an artist like me with little coding know-how could understand it. Hopefully I succeeded, if not then please by all means get on the forum or email us with any questions you have.

E3 Indiecade Wrap-Up

As you may have gathered from previous blogs / twitter posts, we headed down to LA for the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week. First off a big thanks to Indiecade for inviting us down and providing us with booth space and being ever so awesome all three days. Apart from a few escapes to see the parts of E3 you've no doubt been reading about all over the 'net, we spent the majority of the time hanging with our fellow indie devs, meeting fans (we have fans! Ok, one) and making anyone who got within 15 feet of our table sit down and play the game.

Our Indiecade booth at E3 Charles Martinet at the Nintendo booth

Cogs at E3

Great news! Cogs has been selected by IndieCade to be be part of the "indie games showcase" at E3. Rob and Brendan are both flying down to Los Angeles for the event, which runs from Tuesday through Thursday, June 2-4, 2009.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the world's premiere trade show for computer and video games. We'll be showing off Cogs at booth #652 in the South Hall, so swing by and say hi.

Art of Cogs Part 2

(Continued from yesterday.)

In April, 2008, I had been living in the city for a couple months and was becoming a regular attendee of the monthly San Francisco Postmortem where one night I had the good fortune of meeting one Rob Jagnow. I'd been looking for a project to give me something creative to do (at the time I was parking cars for a local Valet company) and Rob pointed me to his website where he had a few screenshots of a small personal project he'd been working on called "Cogs."

Cogs April 2008 Cogs April 2008 Cogs April 2008

Art of Cogs Part 1

Cogs interface elements circa 2004Since I always like it when other people do this, I thought I might write up a few posts about how Cogs got to look like it does today. We start our epic journey with a brief look at the pre-Brendanian era, or as Rob likes to call it "engineer art."

To the right you can see UI elements from some of the earliest cogs builds, circa 2004-05. To his credit, Rob is not such a bad artist and is fairly proficient when it comes to Photoshop. In fact all of the backgrounds you see in the game including the iris texture were done by the man himself, though I took over for the 3D portion which is pretty much everything else.

Developer's Blog: Cogs Wrap Party

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Cogs Wrap Party last weekend. Of course, no Cogs party is complete without cog cupcakes.

We all had a good laugh when Brendan walked into the room sporting an enormous silver gear, hung around his neck with a heavy chain. Oh yes, this was a classy affair. Unfortunately, I have not photographic evidence of the bling gone awry.