Release Date Announced

Cogs will launch on Tuesday, April 14, 2009! Players can download Cogs for the PC via Steam, the online game distribution service from Valve, Inc. A demo version will be available for free with the full version priced at $9.99.

Steam was our first choice for online distribution. With an audience of more than 15 million worldwide, a high threshold for game quality and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, we're happy to be partnering with Steam.

New Screenshots

Perforce changelist

Our changelist submissions are getting more concise and to-do lists are getting way too short. If you've checked the forums you've probably noticed we've been beta testing for a little over 3 weeks (If you're a tester we're pushing out a big, dare I say near-final patch today. If you're a soon-to-be tester you'll be getting your key shortly after). There is excitement in the air here at Lazy8 (a.k.a. Rob's house) and not a little anxiety and nervousness as we get dangerously close to releasing our first game.

Cogs and Steam

We're happy to announce that Cogs will soon be available for distribution on Steam, the online distribution platform from Valve Software. Steam is one of the leaders in online game distribution with a reputation for high-quality games and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

Cogs will initially be released for the PC, though we hope to port the game to additional platforms if there is sufficient interest. Based on the emails we've been receiving here at Lazy 8 Studios, people are clearly interested in ports to the Mac, iPhone and Wii. We're glad to see the enthusiastic response to the game and are looking forward to the public release.

Immersive Design

When we started the user interface design for Cogs, we decided from the very beginning that we wanted to create an immersive world that felt less like working with a computer and more like interacting with a steam-powered machine. That philosophy has followed us through every aspect of the design process.

When we transition from screen to screen, an elaborate machine cranks the wood and iron widget away and brings in a new one. Time and moves are counted with analog clocks and odomoter-style counters rather than with a typical data overlay. And while the clever puzzles and challenging gameplay are what make Cogs so addictive, it's this attention to detail that makes the game so compelling.

Announcing Cogs!

Lazy 8 Studios is excited to announce the upcoming release of our flagship game, Cogs.

Cogs is an innovative new puzzle game where you use sliding tiles to build machines. It's easy to play and incredibly addictive. We've designed 50 levels and three gameplay modes, so you can play as an inventor, test your efficiency, or race the clock. Each puzzle is like its own unique mini game. As you earn your way to more challenging levels, you'll build helicopters and tanks, hot-air balloons and music machines.